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Do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in booking us. We are happy to perform at various occasions, including family celebrations and corporate events. We particularly like to perform in small theatres and for cultural associations.

We offer selected excerpts of our show, of 15 minutes or longer, up to the full-length program, which lasts about 2.5 hours. Press photos, press releases and video excerpts can be found at "Videos & Press Photos".

Should you be more interested in attending the show as a regular visitor, please have a look at our Upcoming Events.

Technical requirements

We do not need much in order to offer a live performance. However, the single most important thing that you need to provide us with, is:

  • A piano (or grand piano) - a real, acoustic, with strings. A piano is not complete without a piano stool.

In order to perform the full-evening program without any limitations, there are three more minimum requirements:

  • A stage or performing area that is next to, or in front of, the piano, measuring at least 4x3 square meters, with a clear height from the stage floor of at least 2.90 m.
  • An elevated stage of about 60 cm or more is not required, but of great advantage.
  • A room that can be used as a dressing room, ideally near the stage

In this document, you can find a summary of all prerequisites for a performance (currently available in German only – send a mail if you need information in English or in Dutch): Technical Rider „Die Nacht ist nicht allein zum Schlafen da …“


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