Ch. Meijering: "St. Louis Blues"

Wednesday, 11 September 2019 20:00
Musis Sacrum Arnhem (NL) - Velperbinnensingel 15, 6811 BP Arnhem, The Netherlands

louisblues afficheAbout the opera

The Dutch opera St. Louis Blues is based on true events in the year 1939. In that year, the passenger ship St. Louis sails with 937 Jewish passengers on board from Hamburg to Havana.

The refugees hope to bring themselves to safety in Cubo or by obtaining an entry visa for the US. What starts as a journey full of euphoria ends in deception: Cuba, the US, Canada and South America close their borders to refugees. With more than 900 Jewish people, the ship is forced to return to Europe, where the same fate awaits the majority as millions of Jews at the time of World War II.

And history repeats itself: 80 years later, it is bitter to find out that the fate of boat refugees is still uncertain today. The opera connects the past with the present and encourages rethinking. The future will show whether more humanity is a bridge too far.


Musical director Wim Boerman
Jeroen Kriek
Co-director Goos Meeuwsen | Helena Bittencourt

Babette Spanier | Renate Feilchenfeldt | Gloria Francisca Branco
Aron Pozner Pim van Drunen
Fritz Spanier | Moritz Weiler | Een vriend | Max Aber Luke Mitchell
Alice Feilchenfeldt | Mevr. Kohn | Fotograaf | Reporter Ginette Puylaert
Schiendik | Cubaanse onderhandelaar | Cubaanse official | Hapag official | President Bru Jan Kristof Schliep
Recha Weiler | Rachel Pozner | Een andere passagier | Leo Jockl Jorien Zeevaart
Schroeder Wiebe Pier Cnossen

Orchestra orkest de ereprijs

Produktion Touchstones


Jan K ristof Schliep


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The Netherlands

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