R. Keiser: "Croesus"

Friday, 12 June 2020 19:30
Stadttheater Hildesheim - Theaterstraße 6, 31134 Hildesheim, Germany
+49 5121 1693 1693

About the opera

The Lydian King Croesus brags unrestrainedly with his wealth and beats the warning of the sage Solon before the transience of possessions and fame into the wind. When the Persian king threatens Cyrus Lydia, Croesus goes to war with his son Atis, who loves the Princess Elmira, and is captured, while at home threatens to overthrow. Now that everything seems lost, it is at Atis to fight for home, father and his beloved. In the face of death, Croesus repents his pride and is saved.


Musical Direction Florian Ziemen
Staging and Choreography Sigrid T’Hooft
Set desin Anja Lichtenegger based on an idea by Anna Kjellsdotter
Anna Kjellsdotter

Croesus Albrecht Pöhl
Cyrus Levente György
Elmira Meike Hartmann
Atis Julian Rohde
Halimacus Nele Kramer
Orsanes Peter Kubik
Eliates Chun Ding
Clerida Antonia Radneva
Solon Uwe Tobias Hieronimi
Elcius Jan Kristof Schliep
Trigesta Katharina Schutza
Ein Persischer Hauptmann Sebastian Maclaine
Nerillus Steffi Fischer/Kathelijne Wagner
Court of kings, Lydian and Persian warriors, peasants and peasant women Opera Choir of the TfN · Theater für Niedersachsen


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